Looking At Radiosurgery

Snowberry Lane is one of the UK’s leading cosmetic clinics for Radiofrequency Surgery. We aim to provide an unrivalled level of care for patients who wish to use this treatment path to help deal with a wide number of issues. In this week’s blog post we’ll describe some of the different uses radiosurgery can provide for individuals and where it works best.

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Treatment comes in the form of a high frequency radio wave passed along a very thin wire. This wave of energy can be used to remove moles and skin lesions by cutting the skin gently whilst closing the blood vessels as it works. As the treatment seals the skin as it works this promotes faster healing times and in most cases mitigates the need for stitches. Specialists including Dr. Rupert Gabriel, a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors, carry out Radiosurgery treatments at Snowberry Lane Clinic.

Radiosurgery is a quick and relatively pain free procedure, as the area to be treated is numbed with anaesthetic prior to treatment. Patients often give positive feedback because the lack of scarring makes it appropriate for use in many areas. For individuals with moles and lesions on visible areas like the forehead, cheeks and neck, radiosurgery is the ideal removal treatment.

You can see in the video above just what one of these treatments entails. In this example a patient is having a seborrhoeic wart removed from their neck in just a few minutes. When Dr.Gabriel begins the removal, you may notice that there is very little blood appearing. This is because the wand cauterises as it cuts away at the lesion; one of the big advantages this treatment type has over traditional methods.

Another great positive from receiving this treatment is the lack of downtime required afterwards. Many patients will return to work the next day with no problems at all and without feeling any major discomfort either. As you will have seen in the video, the level of aftercare needed for the treated area is minimal so shouldn’t cause any interference with one’s regular schedule.

Now if you want to read more about this treatment type, you can visit our dedicated radiosurgery treatment page where some common questions we’re asked about the treatment are answered and explained clearly.

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