Looking At Skin Tags

With our recent posts on the blog revolving around warts and moles, we thought it’d only be right to continue along the same vein and let you know all about how we treat skin tags at Snowberry Lane.

Skin tags mainly occur in exposed areas like the neck.

Skin tags are a funny old thing. They don’t have a definite cause for why they come to be, there are a wide number of reasons why a person can get one (from age, to weight, to skin-folds), they are completely harmless and they won’t do any long term damage to surrounding skin. There is one very prominent feature they carry though: irritation. Skin tags can arise in the most unwanted of places and can be a massive knock to a person’s confidence.

People often about skin tags because of how they feel. While a wart is hard and doesn’t move, skin tags can grow from just a few millimetres to centimetres in length, while feeling loose and little bit droopy in most cases. This makes them look very unattractive and can be something of a problem for people when they have one any on their face.

skin tag
It is common for people to have multiple skin tags at once.

Here at the clinic we have a fantastic method for removing skin tags that always delivers great results and ensures that you’ll be left with a bare minimum risk of scarring occurring. We use cosmetic radio surgery, a treatment that is so effortless and quick in delivering results that you’d think it was magic.

before and after radio surgery
Before & after of one of our radio surgeries.

All of our radio surgery procedures are carried out under local anaesthetic to ensure a patient won’t feel any discomfort.  If you take a look at the video of a radio surgery being carried out here, you’ll also see that there is almost no blood and the skin surrounding the treated area doesn’t have any change in colour. And when you see just how fast the treatment, you’ll see why many of our customers opt to get multiple tags removed in one session.

To find out more about skin tag removal, visit our brochure page here and read up on how you can get rid of any type of skin tag.