Losing Weight With Alevere

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Here at the clinic we are very excited to be launching a non-surgical weight loss treatment that is proving to be quite popular. Alevere is a unique contour shaping and weight loss programme that is delivering life changing results that are maintained, distinguishing it from other treatments currently available. It is a massive leap forward in terms of body contouring and weight loss and is proving to be quite a contender in the fight for weight loss and also addresses the issue of potential lax skin potentially avoiding the need for surgery.

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We’ve been getting a lot of phone calls and requests for call-backs enquiring about Alevere and how it works, so we thought we could help out by addressing some of the recurring questions being asked. We hope this helps explain a bit better what Alevere is, how it works and what it can do.

What is Alevere?
It is a weight reduction therapy.

What does it do?
Alevere carries out a number of different things. In terms of diet, it is a medically supervised diet that ensures that despite reduced calories resulting in dramatic weight loss the body does not resort to burning muscle It also alters insulin levels and metabolism which helps the body to break down fat (high insulin levels can block this process). Insulin also maintains the protein levels in the body and tells your brain whether or not you’re hungry. Getting the right control on this is important, as drastically lowering that level to a dangerous degree would cause loss of muscle and lean body mass. Too many calories and your insulin spikes up and down creating a level of over stimulation that can lead to the loss of control over glucose levels. It’s a major factor as to why people get diabetes. In terms of body confidence, Alevere uses a number of techniques to reduce weight while making sure that skin doesn’t run in to the major problem during weight loss of sagging or lax.

Why is it unique?
Because it helps anyone lose weight rapidly, a stone or 6kg plus per week, after stone week on week in a way that is completely non-invasive. That means no getting a tummy tuck, no facing liposuction and no drastic recovery period from surgery to lose weight. As part of the medical supervision and to customise the program we measure your basal metabolic rate and the composition of your body in terms of fat mass etc., so you don’t have to worry about calorie restriction. The diet plan involves a change that will see you approaching food in a different way. The treatments, as well as mobilising stubborn fat, also target your lymphatic system. You have lymph glands all over your body that help drain fluid by acting as a trap for any unwanted particles flowing through. These vessels throughout your body drain into lymph nodes and then eventually into your vascular system. There are areas where lymph nodes have a hard time working properly if you are overweight, such as around the joints. The treatments that are part of Alevere help address this as your treatment progresses.

What does it involve?
Alevere involves a number of combined treatments on a weekly basis complementing the dietary aspect of the program. The closest thing to surgery you’ll face is ultrasound treatment which sounds a bit futuristic but it is a quite simple procedure. Ultrasound energy is aimed at pockets of fat and causes these pockets to break down. Now unlike some treatments where you’re essentially left with a pocket that is now empty, the ultrasound encourages the collagen bonds under the skin to tighten up and smooth the layers out.

What are the results?
Simply put, they’re incredible. Alevere will aim for a reduction 6 to 12 kg per month which may seem like a lot but Alevere has been designed to regularly, and predictably, achieve such results. How much you lose will be vary from person to person. You will know, in advance, what the rate of your weight loss will be at each stage of the treatment programme and how long it should therefore take you to reach your target weight.

Is it a restrictive diet?
It isn’t a diet, it’s a plan. Because you’ll be losing weight it doesn’t mean you’ll be losing your appetite. Alevere involves going through a very specific and well thought out meal plan. Most people are surprised when they first see it because it could be the case they’re now going to be eating more than they used to. The diet is very much focused on a massive increase in vegetables.

We hope these quick answers have helped you learn a good bit about Alevere. If you are interested in the treatment and want to find out more about it, please do get in touch with the clinic by phoning us on 01225 700 072 or requesting a call-back from the clinic here.