Med Contour Treatments At Snowberry Lane

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Today on the blog we’ll be discussing Med Contour treatment to give you an insight in to the benefits it can provide. For those interested in combined weight loss and skin tightening solutions, keep reading, as this might be one for you.

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What is Med Contour?
Med Contour is a treatment type in which a specialist therapist will carry out a contouring treatment on the body. It is most commonly used alongside a medical diet such as Alevere weight loss therapy as a way of enhancing areas of the body that are being affected by the weight loss. It is a great option for an individual who is looking to firm up and smooth the body, while trying to eliminate the appearance of cellulite in problem areas.

How does it work?
Med Contour uses advanced ultrasound technology to achieve these results. It accelerates the rate of metabolism in areas where fat won’t shift by increasing the level of blood flow. This allows for the body to imitate the natural breakdown of fat and excess fluid and has the ability to effect change under the surface of the skin without any visible on the exterior of the skin.

Where can it be used?
Nearly anywhere on the body, the most common treatment areas are stomach, thighs and upper arms.  We see a lot of our patients lose inches around their waist as the treatment does wonders for love handles, an extremely common trouble area touted for being hard to remove fat from.

Why would someone use Med Contour over other methods?
A period of minimal downtime is one of the main benefits of this type of treatment. Because the treatment isn’t invasive, the patient doesn’t have to worry about a longer recovery that comes with traditional methods. For many patients, a reduction of 2-4cm of the treated area is quite common with signs of skim firming up too. It also has the benefit of being a much safer option compared to other methods.

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