Mesotherapy Treatment

There are a number of elements that can have a detrimental effect on the skin. It could be down to our diet with the food we consume, type of environment in which we live or even poor circulation. In this week’s blog we’re going to discuss a treatment called Mesotherapy. It’s a procedure that can improve the confidence and vitality of the skin.  We’ll discuss what the therapy does, what’s involved with the procedure and what to expect beforehand

mesotherapy treatment Mesotherapy

What is it?

Mesotherapy helps rejuvenate the skin, making it appear smoother and more youthful. The treatment is ideal for patients who are looking to eliminate fine lines, improve skin texture, patients with stretch marks and people fighting hair loss.

How does it work?

The treatment is performed by using mini-injections.  Cells are targeted in the areas where the skin can be improved.  The injections come with a solution which is made up of vitamins, minerals and natural amino acids.  Once injected, the solution gets to work and creates an environment for co-enzymes to exist so the process can begin.  Co-enzymes are the ingredients which Mesotherapy uses to create improvements in the skin. The procedure is virtually painless as the injections are so thin and shallow. The only visible effect will be a slight redness of the skin for a few hours after treatment. Patients who are looking for long term success with the therapy are advised to continue therapy twice a month for 3 months.

What happens before the procedure?

You will have a consolation with the consultant who is going to perform the therapy and at this point you can ask any questions regarding the injections.  You will gain further insight into how Mesotherapy is performed and can look at previous examples of patients who have used the treatment.

If you would like further advice on whether Mesotherapy is right for you then please phone the clinic on 01225 700 072 or contact us via the website.