More Winter Skin Tips

more winter skin tips

Last week on the blog we gave out a few skin tips for this time of year and had a positive response, so we thought why not share some more that can save you time worrying about how your skin looks and feels over the festive weeks.

more winter skin tips

So here are some more winter skin tips to keep it in top condition:

Stuff yourself with grains
Your skin needs a boost from the inside and out over the cold months. Eating foods with higher grain content or more fibre can help refresh skin that is tightening up in the cold. One really good to snack on this month in between mince pies is quinoa. It contains a lot of selenium which helps with elasticity of the skin. Its user a lot in supplements because of its great properties.

Get the sunscreen out
If you’re going to be out in the middle of the day for long periods, don’t forget to apply at least a little touch of sunscreen when it gets to the point of day where the sun is splitting the sky. Even though it mightn’t feel hot, those UV rays will be just as strong as they can be in the summer.

Keep those hands warm
Constantly wearing gloves to keep your hands warm can cause the skin to dry up. So how do you keep your hands warm and smooth at the same time? Here’s a nice little tip: massage your fingers. Instead of frantically rubbing your hands together, massage each one and the blood will pump in a more natural manner. It also works better when wearing gloves than rubbing does. You can also simply press your hands together to pump more blood up and down the arms.

Polish the other half’s nails
Nails are made of the same stuff your hair is. They’re just as susceptible to changes in the weather. Instead of making a hatchet job when making sure the skin around the cuticle isn’t roughed up from wearing gloves a lot, take out some clear nail polish and apply the thinnest layer to help keep some moisture in.

If you have any enquiries about improving the appearance of your skin, please do get in touch with us here at the clinic.