Movember – Treatments for Men

It’s a great time of year for raising awareness about men’s health. We’ve all seen and been supporting friends who are taking part in Movember and thought we’d take some time on our blog this week to talk about something that many men might be a little embarrassed about talking about.


A lot of our patients are men and we are always happy to answer any questions they have about certain problems and the solutions Snowberry Lane Clinic can provide. In today’s post, we’re going to take a look at some issues that lie below the waist and what one well known treatment (the Vasectomy) can do for male patients and why it’s good to have an understanding of this delicate issue.

Vasectomies can be scalpel free

A very common misconception of vasectomies is the dreaded fear of many that it requires going “under the knife”. At Snowberry Lane Clinic we carry out this procedure in a style that is minimally invasive. Our keyhole vasectomy allows us to perform the vasectomy in such a way that that a patient doesn’t need to receive any stitches post-procedure.

Vasectomies don’t have to hurt

When we carry out this treatment on our patients, we do so under local anaesthetic to ensure they do not feel anything. We prefer to use this treatment in the clinic as the recovery time is greatly improved from more traditional methods. A normal vasectomy can keep someone out of their daily to routine for a few weeks. The methods we use narrow that window down to roughly 2 days and discomfort post procedure is so mild that only paracetamol is recommended for anyone feeling a little tender afterwards

Vasectomies don’t take too long

On average a patient can expect their vasectomy to be carried out and completed in less than 45 minutes. This is in large part due to the face that this is non-invasive and there are no sutures.

Vasectomies won’t change your love life

Many of our patients ask if a vasectomy will have any major changes to their sensations or performance. Apart from a small reduction in the volume of ejaculate, there won’t be anything new or alarming to worry about.

Vasectomies are important

Now if you are considering having one, we would highly suggest you first read our treatment page by clicking here, and by getting in touch with a specialist here at the clinic.

A large part of the treatment process is about getting to know you and helping each patient understand the variety of options out there in terms of contraception. If you would like to know more about this area of treatment, please get in touch with the clinic and an expert would be more than happy to help get in touch with regards to a consultation.