Natural Based Cosmetic Treatments

Body Contouring at Snowberry Lane

For over a decade now Snowberry Lane Clinic has been at the forefront of pioneering cosmetic treatments that work with your body and its natural processes to give subtle yet effective results. We have a range of treatments that aim to tackle problem areas without any giveaways that you’ve had a helping hand. Let’s take a look at some of these treatments in today’s blog.

Radiosurgery Mole

When working with raised areas

For many people with raised areas on their skin such as moles, warts and lesions, there is the worry that any type of removal will leave the treated area with bad scarring. Dr Gabriel is an expert in the removal of lesions and the options we have are fantastic at giving a result with minimal scarring. The image above is from a patient who wanted a cyst removed from their forehead. The images were taken two months apart and you can see form the after shot that there are no scars or lines visible from the removal.

When working with tone

At Snowberry Lane Clinic, we have a wealth of experience in the treatment of pigmentation, especially on hard to treat areas like the lips. The image we have here is from a patient who wanted to have a much more naturally uniform level of tone on their lips. After their first laser treatment, you can see just how much of a change has been made to reduce the drastic tone of those brown spots.

When working with redness

Almost everyone experiences a flushed appearance at one time or another, but for people with redness in very prominent areas, it can cause some embarrassment. We use laser treatments to calm these areas by breaking down the prominent offenders on the surface of the skin. The photo above is from a patient who had received two sessions of laser treatment to reduce the redness on their cheeks. You can see how those intense little red spots are gone and the only redness they have is the natural glow from their cheeks.

Acne removal

When working with acne

Years of trying to improve the appearance of skin after bouts of acne can leave people with scarring and redness that can last a lifetime. In the case above, our patient had acne in three very common areas: the temple, middle of the cheek and the jaw. We used laser to gently promote the skin’s natural ability to improve tone and texture. The comparison you see here is 4 months after the treatment, demonstrating the long-term benefits of this treatment path.

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