Start the New Year with New Goals

Do you have nagging problem areas that seem to cause nothing but frustration? The new year shouldn’t just be a time to worry about your body when we here at Snowberry Lane have treatments that can refine any part of your body. There are some very popular treatments that clients like to get this time of year. Whether it’s your tummy, face, thighs or arms that you want to see improvements in, we’ll have the treatment available for you. Here are the five most popular procedures that we’ve been contacted about over the holiday period.


The perfect way to get back in shape after the season of good will and good food.Our patients are big fans of Bodytite thanks to the minimal recovery time the treatment has compared to other liposuction methods. We mainly deal with mums who are looking to get their stomach areas back to how they looked pre pregnancy, but you might be surprised to know that many men also use Bodytite to get rid of saggy looking stomachs.

Photo Rejuvenation
We always like to think it’s better to be safe than sorry here at Snowberry Lane, and that’s why we have a number of non-invasive treatments that drastically enhance how skin looks and feels. Photo Rejuvenation is one of our popular ways to get rid of imperfections. It’s a simple process of aiming pulse light at the area you want changed. The pulse encourages damaged skin to attain its original firmness. Because there’s no downtime, it’s perfect for patients who want to be in and out of the clinic in just a few hours.

It might be one of the oldest and most well known cosmetic treatments out there, but it’s popularity shows just how well it works. Botox has come on leaps and bounds from its early days in the 1980s. Nowadays getting Botox is a surprisingly simple and quick procedure. Clients love how the injections create a notable improvement after just a few days. It’s a great way to get your skin looking good for the year ahead.

Pelleve is the gem of our non-invasive procedures. Explaining it sounds like magic is about to happen, and when you see the results thats exactly what you’ll think of it. A Pelleve wand uses radio frequency and administers very mild feeling heat to the parts you want worked on. The wand very accurately gets depleted areas under the skin’s surface to wake up and get back to work. The results are what really prove to be popular. There are no marks or scarring and most clients use it as part of combination treatments to get the best results possible.


This is the cousin of Pelleve, and one that loves to get the job done right. It is a really advanced non surgical treatment that excels in getting those problem areas sorted out with pinpoint accuracy. Using a small pads with tiny needles that are roughly 1/1000th of a millimetre, you can let Fractora warm away tired looking skin around the eyes and neck. It’s loved for how immediate the results are and how it leaves no signs of work having been carried out.

If you want to find out anything about the treatments we’ve mentioned here, or want to know about other treatments that we offer, get yourself a copy of our brochure here.