Mole and cyst removal

Below we share a visual overview of mole and cyst removal at Snowberry Lane Clinic using Radio frequency surgery. It is designed to give you all of the basic information you may need. If you do have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 01225 700072.

Alevere Special: The Treatments

This week we discuss the combined treatments that form part of the Alevere Weight Loss Therapy programme. As a client participating in the Alevere programme you would have weekly combined treatments of LPG (Lipomassage) and Ultrasound. The aim of this combined treatment approach is to help to shape your body and tighten your skin as… Continue reading Alevere Special: The Treatments

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Alevere Special: The Food

The focus of Alevere is fat loss through a medically controlled diet and treatment plan. The treatments that accompany Alevere help to focus the fat loss and contour the body. The meal supplements control your calorie intake and ensure the body focuses on fat burning. A common negative outcome of fat loss through diet is… Continue reading Alevere Special: The Food

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Alevere Special: Week 1

This month we’re running an Alevere Weight Loss Therapy Special, looking at all aspects of the treatment. We thought we’d start with this visual overview

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Weight Loss at Snowberry Lane

Everyday in the UK thousands of people search for weight loss solutions, each person trying to find the ‘newest’, ‘best’ and notably ‘quickest’ way to achieve weight loss. The tricky thing is that there’s no blanket solution for this issue, what might work for someone may not work for the next person, leaving many people… Continue reading Weight Loss at Snowberry Lane

Skin cysts

What is a cyst? Cysts are most commonly slow-growing fluid-filled pockets of tissue that appear as lumps beneath the surface of the skin. Sometimes they can contain pus or other materials. They can appear anywhere on the body and often feel like a small smooth growth beneath the skin’s surface. What should I do if… Continue reading Skin cysts


Birthmarks are a natural mark on the skin. They occur during birth or soon after. There are different types that include vascular and pigmented birthmarks. Vascular birthmarks can appear on the face and head area.  If blood vessels are on the surface of the skin are affected, a vascular birthmark will appear in the colour… Continue reading Birthmarks

Skin Texture

As we mature, our skin changes, we develop wrinkles and the texture altars over time and can become rough or damaged depending on how well we look after it. Skin texture can be affected by many factors over our lifetime, such as becoming dried and cracked in cold weather or air-conditioning, or over exposure to… Continue reading Skin Texture

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