Lipcare for Christmas

It’s the time of year where bitterly cold mornings lead to cracked lips that can sting and cause discomfort. A lot of people will neglect skincare for the lips and surrounding area. Make sure you’re not one of them by taking our advice on the blog today. We’ll ensure you have perfectly plump winter lips… Continue reading Lipcare for Christmas

Natural Based Cosmetic Treatments

For over a decade now Snowberry Lane Clinic has been at the forefront of pioneering cosmetic treatments that work with your body and its natural processes to give subtle yet effective results. We have a range of treatments that aim to tackle problem areas without any giveaways that you’ve had a helping hand. Let’s take… Continue reading Natural Based Cosmetic Treatments

Earlobe Repair & Reconstruction at Snowberry Lane Clinic Melksham

With the growth of ear expanders as a body modification, more people are extending the size of their earlobes in an unnatural manner. And while it can be a fun idea when you’re younger, we’re starting to receive more and more enquiries from people in their mid 20s-30s who are looking to get their stretched… Continue reading Earlobe Repair & Reconstruction at Snowberry Lane Clinic Melksham

Movember – Treatments for Men

It’s a great time of year for raising awareness about men’s health. We’ve all seen and been supporting friends who are taking part in Movember and thought we’d take some time on our blog this week to talk about something that many men might be a little embarrassed about talking about.

Reducing Redness With Lasers

At this time of year as the weather changes, we sometimes find ourselves with rosy cheeks and a flushed appearance when we’re outdoors; while it may be temporary for most of us, some of us can suffer from permanent redness on the face, especially around the cheeks.

Getting Rid Of Cellulite

A very common problem for individuals that doesn’t have an easy solution, cellulite is something that can cause embarrassment and stress. At Snowberry Lane we have the latest technology at hand to provide treatments that can eradicate cellulite and restore confidence. We have a few different techniques we commonly use and in this blog post… Continue reading Getting Rid Of Cellulite

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