Thread Vein Removal: Removing With Lasers

Last week we blogged about laser hair treatments, and keeping in that vein (no pun intended) we thought it would be a good time to blog about thread vein removal too. At Snowberry Lane we have the latest technology available in the UK to treat thread veins and visible veins all over the body that… Continue reading Thread Vein Removal: Removing With Lasers

Laser Hair Removal: Creating Perfect Smoothness

Here at Snowberry Lane we use advanced laser hair removal treatments to create a permanent solution to what for many people is a life long problem. In this week’s blog we gave you a little insight in to how we’re able to do it.

Losing Weight With Alevere

Here at the clinic we are very excited to be launching a non-surgical weight loss treatment that is proving to be quite popular. Alevere is a unique contour shaping and weight loss programme that is delivering life changing results that are maintained, distinguishing it from other treatments currently available.

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