Say Goodbye To Skin Tags

Skin tags: they can be irritating at most times and get in the way when they are located on areas like the neck or on the palm of the hand. If you find yourself constantly being rubbed the wrong way by your skin tags we have a solution here at Snowberry Lane. It’s quick. It’s… Continue reading Say Goodbye To Skin Tags

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Getting Rid of Cysts

Having a cyst in a very prominent area can be a real knock to a person’s confidence. Whether its on the hands, arms, neck or face, it can for some people be a source of embarrassment. Here at Snowberry Lane, removing a cyst can be as quick as clicking your fingers. We use radio surgery… Continue reading Getting Rid of Cysts

New Year, New Location

If you didn’t know yet, we’ve moved location! When the clinic was founded in 2003 we were just a small group, but now oever a decade later we’ve grown in numbers and the time has come to expand our operations. Snowberry  Lane has moved to a bigger, brighter and better location on the edge of Melksham.… Continue reading New Year, New Location

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Skin Boosters – Clearing Your Skin

Tis the season for diet and health fixes like you wouldn’t believe. A walk along the high street and you’ll see every sports shop offering discounts on new gear, gyms going in to overdrive for membership and juices galore in supermarkets.

More Winter Skin Tips

Last week on the blog we gave out a few skin tips for this time of year and had a positive response, so we thought why not share some more that can save you time worrying about how your skin looks and feels over the festive weeks.

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Winter Skin Tips

In between rushing around town for presents and making sure everything is set for Christmas, it can be almost too easy to overlook the day to day regime of any skincare routine. Fear not though! We have a few tips to make sure you don’t spend all of December with chapped lips and cracked elbows.

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