Dermaroller : A Non-Invasive Face Treatment

Looking for a non-surgical way of treating any fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, sun exposure problems, pigmentation issues, stretch marks or signs of ageing?  Saying that all these problems can be worked on in a non-invasive manner using the same treatment sounds too good to be true, but with a dermaroller it’s a possibility and proven method of delivering incredibly positive change to your skin. Continue reading

How We Treat Skin Tags

Skin tags can be seen as an unsightly mark on the body. People often forget that anyone can get them anywhere on their body. For those with skin tags in visible areas, it can affect body confidence. Getting rid of one, or many, is easily done through patented treatments at the clinic that offer superb results. You’d be surprised just how quickly one can be removed. Continue reading

Preventative Measures Against Your Moles

Most people will go through life having some sort of mole on their body without it ever being a problem, but don’t forget that they can be deadly too. With recent reports stating that there is a hole in the ozone layer over the UK this Easter week, you can never be too careful with protecting your skin, especially if you are prone to moles. Continue reading