Earlobe Repair

Ear plugs are a popular form of body modification, especially amongst teenagers. While it is in trend now, over time the novelty of having a plug might wear off and many people are left wondering if they can get the skin back to the way it used to be. There’s often the rumour that once you go so far in length that they won’t readjust again. Continue reading

Firming Up In The Office Chair

Here at the clinic we like to be very active. It’s important for us to lead a healthy lifestyle, and one area we always let that slip is when we’re sitting down. Spending all day working at your desk can be mentally draining and put you off heading to the gym or going for a run after work.  Continue reading

Some More Winter Skin Tips

We wrote last week about easy ways to care for your skin during the colder months, and as we get closer to the most wonderful time of the year we thought it would be a great chance to stuff your stocking with more easy to remember skin tips that will have you looking and feeling good. Continue reading

Some Winter Skin Tips

We get so many customers contacting us this time of year asking for advice on how to look after ‘winter skin’. You know it’s those chapped lips which have to face cold commutes in the morning or faces with skin that has had just about enough of having to face the blistering cold. Continue reading