What is Radio Surgery and what is it used for?

Radio Surgery is a specialist treatment that uses a hand-piece housing a very thin wire loop, carrying radio-waves. These radio-waves heat the wire, which helps to seal the blood vessels while the skin is being cut, this increases the cleanliness and efficiency of the treatment versus just using a scalpel. Radio Surgery is used primarily… Continue reading What is Radio Surgery and what is it used for?

Why choose Snowberry Lane?

We’re seeing lots of reports about the dangers of the lack of regulations within the UK Cosmetic Industry, with injectable procedures such as Botox and Dermal Fillers being carried out by people with no medical training at all: We understand why it’s so important to carefully select your Cosmetic Clinic and Practitioner to ensure you… Continue reading Why choose Snowberry Lane?

Safeguarding clients of cosmetic treatments

You may have heard or seen in the news in the past couple of days the discussion around the safety of high street cosmetic treatments. Now that Botox and Fillers are becoming more readily available, healthcare professionals are calling for more stringent checks to ensure the safety of potential clients, read the original article here.… Continue reading Safeguarding clients of cosmetic treatments

Is Alevere the right choice for me?

As often happens in January, there’s a big surge in people looking to overhaul their lifestyle in terms of health and fitness. Whilst we wholeheartedly support a positive shift in this direction, we want to make sure we promote sustainable lifestyle changes and not short term yo-yo dieting. Below we explore three key reasons that… Continue reading Is Alevere the right choice for me?

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New Years Resolutions 2019

Happy New Year from everyone at Snowberry Lane Clinic, we hope 2019 has started well for you and will continue to be a good year! We’ve got some exciting plans for 2019, including a new member of staff who will be bringing some new treatments to the clinic so watch this space for more information!… Continue reading New Years Resolutions 2019

Christmas Gift List

Now that Christmas is just around the corner we thought we’d share our last minute gift ideas that you can pick up at the clinic. Gift Vouchers For first-timers If a friend or family member has spoken about wanting to come to the clinic, but hasn’t made that final step, then a £30 voucher for… Continue reading Christmas Gift List