Mole & Cyst Removal

Moles and cysts are extremely common and often harmless, so unless they are causing irritation or cause for worry they can be left alone. However, there are many reasons why people may be interested in getting some information about mole or cyst removal. For some the reason may be cosmetic and if you have an… Continue reading Mole & Cyst Removal

Winter Skin Care Tips

Now the colder weather really is setting in, it’s officially the time of year when your skin is more prone to dryness as the temperature drops and the heating is turned up. To combat this we wanted to share our top skin care tips to help you keep your skin looking and feeling good. Reduce… Continue reading Winter Skin Care Tips

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New Fitness Studio

We like to offer the most effective treatments and provide the best possible service, so let us introduce you to our brand new Fitness Studio to help complete the new you! Newly opened, our Fitness Studio brings a selection of popular gym equipment to the convenience of the doorstep of the clinic. Equipment includes: Static… Continue reading New Fitness Studio

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Introducing our newest treatment: the non-surgical facelift HIFU

HIFU is unlike any other non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatment, it uses thermal energy in the form of multiple beams of ultrasound to stimulate collagen, which helps to contract and tighten the surface of the skin. HIFU is specially designed to penetrate the dermis as well as the superficial muscular layer, which is deeper than other… Continue reading Introducing our newest treatment: the non-surgical facelift HIFU

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Tixel in the Press

It seems that everyone’s talking about Tixel, with two recent articles in prominent magazines. The first is a full page spread in the September issue of Good Housekeeping, where beauty director Eve Cameron tries the treatment herself, focusing on her eye area. She concludes: “So does it work? The skin under my eyes is tighter… Continue reading Tixel in the Press

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Special Feature: Lip Fillers

In the article below we outline everything you need to know if you’re thinking about getting your lips enhanced with Dermal Fillers. Do your research: Research the clinic thoroughly, although discounts and offers that save you money can be attractive, when it comes to your body we believe that you shouldn’t short change yourself. A… Continue reading Special Feature: Lip Fillers

Special Feature: Thread Veins

This week on the blog we’re talking about removing and reducing the appearance of thread veins. Thread veins are simply broken down blood vessels or capillaries, which can appear as red, blue or purple threads beneath the surface of the skin. They are very common and can appear anywhere on the body most often on… Continue reading Special Feature: Thread Veins

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What can I do to fix an overstretched or split earlobe?

Ear lobe expanders have become an increasingly popular form of a body modification over the years, and while they can definitely be a great form of self-expression, sometimes people want to reverse the process. It’s also possible for earlobes to become damaged and torn accidentally and this is something that we can help with too.… Continue reading What can I do to fix an overstretched or split earlobe?