Reducing Redness With Lasers

At this time of year as the weather changes, we sometimes find ourselves with rosy cheeks and a flushed appearance when we’re outdoors; while it may be temporary for most of us, some of us can suffer from permanent redness on the face, especially around the cheeks.


In some cases this redness is caused by visible thread veins, we’ll be talking about how we deal with this issue in today’s blog post by discussing what these red areas are, and how lasers work to help rectify this issue.

What is the redness around the cheeks?

From a distance, people with redness on the cheeks will appear to have small circular areas of discolouration. Under closer inspection you’ll see that these blotched areas are made up of darker red lines. These are known as thread veins and are quite common not just on the face, but all over the body. We’ve treated patients in the past who have had these lines on their hands, arms and legs. The red lines are simply blood vessels that have broken down slightly and turn a darker hue. While red on the face, you may often see them as a darker blue hue on the hands and legs.

How exactly does a laser treatment work?

The ways in which these red areas sit under the skin mean that it is extremely risky to improve their appearance with surgical methods, many creams won’t provide instant results either. This means that we need to affect the problem area without causing harm. Lasers are well suited for this task as they can encourage the breakdown of these red areas just under the top layers of skin without causing damage to the surface. A laser can be focussed in on a very precise area, which can then help to break down the veins that are causing problems.

What does Snowberry Lane Clinic offer patients?

As well as laser treatments, we also have a number of different skin treatments available. Microdermabrasion is an incredibly popular treatment for the face that can thoroughly refresh and breathe new life in to skin. We’ll be blogging about this topic in a few weeks so keep an eye out for that blog post. We also offer skin peels for patients who may have damaged skin from acne, sun damage or any number of long term problems. We can best help patients with skin issues through a consultation here at our clinic.

What results can a treatment like this provide?

Laser vein therapy can create a visible reduction in discoloured areas and also work to improve the appearance and texture of the skin.

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