Refreshing Your Skin

We can all get run down and that can take its toll on our appearance so looking for ways in our day to day life that we can improve our health and appearance whether it is through diet, exercise or by any other means is a task that many strive to complete.

There are many reasons that our appearance and healthy demeanour can falter such as taking on too much at work or struggling to manage a work, home life balance. In this kind of situation taking the time to figure out a manageable routine in order for you to get back on track is an option otherwise the risk of your run down body picking up a virus are greatly increased.

Diet is another huge factor in your appearance, energy levels and general happiness. Taking the time and effort to look at what foods can be more beneficial to us. It may seem a daunting task to begin with but taking things slowly in making alterations to your diet will be beneficial and over time the overall quality of food and knowledge will improve to make it second nature.

As mentioned before, overdoing things can lead to weariness and becoming run down but and a good balance should also be strived for. In this balance we should always remember to include a bit of exercise. This idea of exercise often frightens people but getting yourself into a routine even if it’s just walking can make a difference.

On occasion we can try these things and start to feel better but our appearance remains tired and a helping hand is what is needed to get us looking at our best. There are several procedures to help replenish the more youthful look to your face, one of which is the Obagi Nu Derm System. The system is described here. The Obagi Nu-Derm System, is a special skin care treatment which will be prescribed to you by a medical physician. It’s function is to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin to accelerate the cellular turnover. The treatment triggers a series of actions which:

Pushes fresher cells to the surface faster, for smoother skin, reduces wrinkles and increased tolerance.

Reduces mottled pigmentation (freckles and age spots) and helps prevent the appearance of new pigmentation.

Promotes more uniform cells at the deepest layer for better skin structure and balanced, more even skin tone.

Helps increase collagen and elastin for firmer, more resilient looking skin.

Increases nutrients natural hydration and circulation for supple healthy looking skin.

By taking care of ourselves in the ways listed we can avoid fatigue and illness on a much larger scale as well as keep our appearance fresh and youthful.

You can find out more about this treatment and others at Snowberry Lane Clinic here.