Remove Stubborn Fat Areas With Smartlipo

Never heard of Smartlipo before? Don’t worry. No one in the UK had until Snowberry Lane performed it. We were the first clinic in the UK to carry out the procedure and we’re known as the top location in the UK for it. Other clinics around the country who might do Smartlipo have been taught by Dr.Gabriel and the team here how to correctly perform the procedure. It’s quite an innovative style of treatment and one our patients get perfect results with.

Smartlipo treatment

So what is Smartlipo?
In the simplest terms, it is a fat removal treatment in which a laser is inserted under the skin to heat up and break down tight fatty areas. It’s really a one-two punch in how it operates. After the laser heats up those pockets of fat, the cannula ablates and sucks out those tiny bits of fat from the body. No suction like traditional liposuction and a drastically lower level of any problems.

The biggest benefit of Smartlipo is the downtime, or lack of. Traditional liposuction would see a patient have to go under general anaesthesia for the procedure and then have to deal with swelling around the area fat is removed, as well as bruising for a few weeks after. ¬†With this, a patient would only experience a minimal level of discomfort you’d expect from any procedure in the short term and you only need some antibiotics to prevent any risk of infection.

What about those areas where fat just won’t budge?
One of the most common problem areas we encounter when patients enquire about getting that tough to budge fat removed: the tummy. For many, positive lifestyle changes and exercising frequently can tone the body and look great, but that area just around the waist is a nightmare to control. Smartlipo is a perfect treatment if this is the exact problem you’re having. We can get rid of the dreaded ‘muffintop’

One of the biggest worries with any treatment of this ilk is that it will be invasive. This isn’t the case with Smartlipo. After a full consultation the surgeons will know which areas are best for making very small incision to easily access and remove the fat.

Patients start to see the full effects of the treatment roughly 6 weeks after it as been carried out and with their being minimal downtime compared to traditional methods, you won’t be put out of action or have to miss works for a long spell. One on the reasons for this is because when fat is removed, the laser encourages the collagen around the former fatty area to gain some vigour again and tighten up. This means that the tissue will naturally become more firm.

If you’d like to learn more about Smartlipo or have any questions about our wider range of fat loss treatments, please get in touch to request a consultation with the clinic. You can do that by clicking here. And you can read more about Smartlipo by clicking here.