Sclerotherapy/ Microsclerotherapy: Treating Leg Veins

Have visible veins on your legs you hate seeing the site of? We can help fix this problem here at Snowberry Lane. In this week’s blog post we’re talking about microsclerotherapy

vein removed

Whether you have spider veins on your arms or legs, you’ll know that they can have an unappealing appearance and at times be a source of uncomfortable pain. We can get rid of any unsightly veins that cluster up on your skin. Here is how the treatment works: we target the area in need of improvement with a solution which causes the veins to thrombose. This restricts blood flow to the vein ad causes it to disappear.

You might have a slight panic at the idea of needles being used, but they are so small that patients barely even notice the procedure has been carried out. Now the veins won’t go away immediately. This treatment encourages the body to naturally repair and that’s why some patients have something of a light bruise near the treated area. Within a few days this dies down and after a few weeks patients are left with uniform colouring around the skin.

In the video above, you can see how quickly the procedure works at getting rid of even of the smallest of spider veins almost miraculously. This is a common solution for those who need to get a laser treatment to help assist microsclerotherapy. We commonly find it helps patients who have leg veins near their varicose vein. On average patients need only one microsclerotherapy treatment, and n some rare cases it can be anything up to 2 or 3 depending on how stubborn the veins are. We can figure out how responsive they’ll be when visiting the clinic for an initial consultation.

You can find out and read a little more about microsclerotherapy on its treatment page right here.

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