Semi Permanent Make-up Special

In the last few years there’s been a huge trend towards full, defined and bold eyebrows, long gone are the days of highly plucked thin brows. Some peoples’ brows are naturally fuller and thicker, but many people achieve this look with eyebrow pencil or other clever make-up solutions. This has lead to an uptake in people looking for a more permanent way to create this look that doesn’t require daily application.

Semi Permanent Make-up or SPMU, uses a specially designed facial tattoo machine to create the impression of hairs allowing us to enhance the appearance of your eyebrows in a way that appears natural.

Who is this treatment for?

  • Someone looking for an enhancement to their natural eyebrows
  • Someone who participates in sports that require make-up that can withstand athletic activities
  • Someone wishing to reduce the amount of time they need to spend on their daily make-up routine
  • Someone who is suffering from partial to full hair loss due to long-term conditions such as Alopecia or Cancer

How long does the treatment take?

SPMU treatment takes 90 minutes, depending on the individual client’s requirements. This includes the application of topical anaesthetic cream to numb the treatment area.

What should I expect after treatment?

After treatment, clients may experience some redness and irritation, scabbing and light to moderate swelling in the area. After the first week, the skin in the treated area will begin to gently come away and the pigment will lighten. After 6-10 weeks it is possible that you might want to come back for a top-up treatment to fill in any areas affected by the healing process.

What are the different treatment options?


Ombre brows are created by varying the density of the pigment from more concentrated to faded, creating a more delicate effect like that of a softer pencil brow. This option is a good choice for clients who have little to no eyebrow hair.

Hair Stroke:

Hair stroke creates the appearance of individual hairs that are built up to give the effect of a fuller natural looking brow. This is the perfect choice if your eyebrows are thin or sparse and you’d like them to look more defined.

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