Skin Boosters – Clearing Your Skin

New Year New You

Tis the season for diet and health fixes like you wouldn’t believe. A walk along the high street and you’ll see every sports shop offering discounts on new gear, gyms going in to overdrive for membership and juices galore in supermarkets.

New Year New You

If you’re still feeling a little out of sync from all the festivities of the last few weeks, there is one area you can spruce up easily without having to commit yourself to promising (and then breaking) your resolution to look better. It all starts with your skin. You might have some friends who are having a “Dry January” and stowing the virtues of their change. You can do just as well following a few simple rules for this month, and hopefully all throughout 2015.

Here are some ways you can improve everything about your skin without making any drastic changes.

Always have water
If there isn’t a bottle of water within arm’s reach right now, make sure there is. Water is the most important thing your skin wants and needs. We always advise patients to drink as much water as they feel comfortable with when here in the clinic as it is the one thing your body needs but doesn’t cry out for. Temperature plays a big part in how much waer your body has. For example (and this make for a very interesting fact) a person who goes on holiday to Las Vegas will lose roughly 3 litres of water from their body just by being in the hot dry air. Having a bottle in front of you at your desk should act as a constant reminder to drink more water. You skin will better be able to clean itself out and refresh. If you don’t drink it at all, give it a go for a week and we bet it will have a better effect than your moisturiser already does.

Moisturise in the bathroom
Quite a rude sounding point we know, but don’t leave your moisturising ritual at last thing at night. If you’re showering after the gym, slap on moisturiser as your skin will be calling out for something to cover it. When you shower you remove oil from the skin as well as dirt. Some of that oil is needed and a moisturiser can make sure you don’t spend your evening examining dry patches of skin on your legs and arms.

Keep Scissors Handy
What can scissors do to improve your skin? Well think of all the present you wrapped, boxes you opened and packaging you ripped open over the last few weeks. You’ve been putting strain on the skin around the fingers and nail and this year will be the end of that. Simply using scissors more will put far less strain on already tough skin.

Wash your brushes
Have a make-up bag that is more colourful than it should be? with bits of powder all round the inside? Get the brushes out and give tem a good clean. Think of a makeup brush like a toothbrush. If you brush your teeth and then just left the brush sitting without a wash to clean it, you’d think it was madness. The same goes for makeup brushes. They don’t have to be cleaned every day, but se a reminder in your phone for once a month (Thursday night is perfect for any weekend warrior) and you’re brushes will have a much longer lifespan that benefits your skin.

Flax It Out
Sales of vitamins and supplements always go up this time of year, and while it can be a minefield figuring out which tablets to buy, one always does the job well: Flax Seed Oil. It’s great for people who always feel like they have tired and dry eyes, and already has Omega 3 so it should become a staple on the shelf at home.