Snowberry Lane Laser Options

Some people might think that lasers still belong in Sci-Fi but the latest laser treatments are being used by Snowberry Lane Clinic to treat a wide range of problems and help deliver great results.

The non-invasive surgery poses minimal risk to health and with little or no recovery time necessary following a procedure you will be able to return to your regular daily activities following the treatment.

Snowberry Lane Clinic offers a consultation before any treatments so we can work out the best treatment necessary to get the very best results for your individual case. Taking the time to speak to you we will find out exactly what procedure to use and give you an idea of the kind of results that you can expect to see.

The versatility of laser treatments is evident by the amount of procedures available at Snowberry Lane Clinic and by the diversity of treatments.

Acne treatments, laser peels, hair reduction and vein treatments all employ the state of the art laser technology in different ways and prove to be a great longer term solution for people looking for answers.

Our specialists use a hand held laser to pass over the affected area to produce the desired result.  The highly qualified team are ready to answer any queries that you may have about the procedures.

If you would like to read more about our laser treatments then click here, you can also read more about the individual treatments that employ this latest technology in our treatments section on the Snowberry Lane Clinic website.