Some More Winter Skin Tips

We wrote last week about easy ways to care for your skin during the colder months, and as we get closer to the most wonderful time of the year we thought it would be a great chance to stuff your stocking with more easy to remember skin tips that will have you looking and feeling good.

cold skin

This tip is something of a habit for everyone that can be easily stopped as soon as you notice it. Are you someone who licks their lips every time they feel dry? You need to stop. Your lips can’t use saliva to stay supple, as they need to be moisturised. Think of how your lips feel after you’ve been for a swim. That’s what happens when you lick. Get some good balm and you’ll not wake up with split lips in the morning.

Speaking of getting up in the morning, do you rush to the bathroom and turn the shower on high in the hopes your skin will get energized quickly? If you do then you really need to stop. Skin reacts badly to extreme heat changes. When you stand in a hot shower and try to scrub, your pores will open up (a good thing) and then not know what to do (a bad thing). As soon as you finish washing, your skin needs attention straight away. A quick liberal application of body moisturiser will keep those pores to calm down and stop the risk of irritation.

One area always overlooked is our feet. In winter we stuff them in to layers and boots, get them wet and feel numb at times. To avoid cracked heels and dry skin under your toes, give them a good rub at night with a light moisturiser and put on some socks. Your feet will be grateful in the morning when they feel a lot suppler.

Remember that looking after your skin is really important during winter. Just because it’s all wrapped up, you have to make sure it’s still well maintained.

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