Some Winter Skin Tips

We get so many customers contacting us this time of year asking for advice on how to look after ‘winter skin’. You know it’s those chapped lips which have to face cold commutes in the morning or faces with skin that has had just about enough of having to face the blistering cold. Never fear though as we have a few quick tips on how to look after your skin this time of year.

winter skin

Make sure you have a small tube of scented hand moisturiser in your bag. Get something that is lightly fragrant like coconut or cocoa. Apply it a few times during the day to help skin that is working overtime to stay fresh, especially when you’ve been wearing gloves and grasping on to mugs of tea to stay warm.

Your face has a tough time facing the elements and it’s important you buy a thicker moisturiser. You might be put off by the idea of applying something that feels oilier, but you need something that will offer extra protection against the elements. Night serums are a great way to get skin working during downtime for the rest of your body.

One very easy tip though is to make sure you keep drinking enough water. When it’s that much colder throughout the day, you’ll be prone to sticking to coffee and tea all day long. Drink a glass of water while the kettle brews and you’ll be happily hydrated. Your skin will be thankful.

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