The Permalip Diary

PermaLip is a procedure that can restore the youthful fullness that we lose naturally through age for patients wanting a more permanent effect then temporary fillers.

The procedure itself, carried out under local anaesthetic, involves a small incision at either side of the lip where the PermaLip implant is threaded through and centred. The implant itself is shaped from soft cohesive gel silicon and being a soft, solid elastomer, the implant follows the shape of the lips.

The Rise of Cosmetic Surgery

With the UK’s economy struggling at the moment you would expect that the amount of cosmetic surgeries would decrease, however that is not the case. According to British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons all of the main procedures have had an increase despite the poor financial situation. There has been an impressive 6% increase on the amount of procedures made in 2011 and the demand seems to be growing even more. Mostly cosmetic surgeries are popular within females, however there is a growing amount of procedures done for males up to 10% of total procedures in 2011. Rankings Continue reading