The Answer to Sun Damage

Finding an answer to sun damaged skin isn’t easy and we would always suggest prevention as the best way to avoid any such issues. Learning about how to protect your skin when in the sun will help you and there are a great many informative sites that you can look to for advice.

At Snowberry Lane Clinic we have an innovative treatment called Photo Dynamic Therapy that can treat sun damaged skin, reduce blemishes, tighten and firm skin. It is also used for treating certain kinds of non-melanoma skin cancers and pre-cancerous cells.

The treatment involves the application of a photo sensitising cream which, after incubating for 3 hours has a light source applied which activates the drug. This targets the damaged cells as well as those that may not be visible and destroys them. It is a relatively pain free treatment and is carried out by our RGN nurses.

It is important to remember the importance of looking after your skin in day to day life and especially when you know you may be out in the sun for a considerable amount of time. It is also extremely important to regularly check your skin as early detection of any form of skin cancer can greatly enhance your chances of dealing with it simply.

For more information on the Photo Dynamic Therapy procedure at Snowberry Lane Clinic click here.