The Dangers of Going Abroad

Yesterday we read this story on the Daily Mail site and thought it would be necessary to showcase how important it is to get clear advice and help from a surgery that doesn’t carry the chance of risk for every person coming through its doors; especially when it involves procedures around the face.

czech botch job

If you watched the TV show Botched Up Bodies Abroad last night on 5, you would’ve seen the nightmare story of  Barbara Naughton, an Irish actress who went to the Czech Republic to get cosmetic procedures carried out. She wanted to have a nose job to help improve the appearance of a crook she was uncomfortable with since her childhood, and also get an operation to plump the lips. Both procedures went horribly wrong and left her looking almost unrecognisable.

swollen lips

The picture above is what happens when a person goes through treatment in a country where the price tag takes precedent over patient care. There are different laws at place abroad from the UK with regards to how cosmetic procedures can be carried out. There is a terribly low level of regulation regarding any type of cosmetic treatment. This can, and has in this example, lead to terrible complications which could potentially have led to permanent damage. Some people are now going abroad to have a ‘cosmetic holiday’. This might sound like a good idea, but when you are viewed solely as a holiday goer and not a patient, there has been a precedent already set for how you’re being thought as prior to any treatment.

Getting treatment in the UK, especially at our clinic, isn’t about performing surgery as quickly as possible and getting on to the next patient. We take the utmost care with patient responsibility. Long before any trip to the surgery is made, we make sure that the patient fully understands what will happen by going through a clear cut and informative consultation period. It’s one area that we pride ourselves on. Just take a look at some of our customer testimonials here to see what our patients think of Snowberry Lane.

barbara now

Luckily Barbara has since been able to reduce the swelling through a series of other treatments, but she should never have gone through this ordeal in the first instance. At Snowberry Lane we have a range of procedures that can make sure someone gets the results they’re looking for without having to fear risks like this. Our permalip treatment is a safe way of making sure anyone can improve the appearance of their lips and make them seem naturally fuller.

If you want to find out more about any procedure we carry out, feel free to contact the clinic and request a callback from one of our specialists here.