How To Treat Age Spots

age spots

Age spots; they’re a mark that can be present on almost anyone (with a prevalence of course towards ages playing a big part). If you have age spots anywhere on the body and have been looking for a way to deal with them, we can help. There are a variety of methods available we can use to remove age spots at the clinic.

age spot on face

Many people will know what an age spot is, but not know how we get them. While age is a big factor (as you can tell by the name) there can be a number of reasons why someone would have age spots.

Melanin is the substance that gives your skin its colour. When you’re in the sun and you skin is exposed to more UV light, the melanin in your body will respond by giving you a tan. If your skin is given what is a known as prolonged exposure to UV light over a number of years, it will be more than likely you will end up having age spots in areas where melanin production is at its highest e.g. the face, legs, hands and forearms. The main reason for getting them as we age is because the body will naturally produce more melanin as we get older. So even if you don’t spend all day sitting in the sun, you are just as likely to get age spots.

At the clinic we have a number of ways to treat and remove age spots. The most popular are Jan Marini Glycolic Peels, Laser Treatment, Microdermabrasion and Non-Chemrical Peels. Here is a brief synopsis of how these top treatments work.

age spots

Jan Marini Glycolic Peels
Because the cells producing melanin sit near the surface of the skin, a peel can really help remove those age spots. Our chemical peels are fantastic atgiving the skin a much needed rejuvenation, but they’re also very handy at tackling age spots too. We’ve used Jan Marini peels on hundreds of patients to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and combat age spots as part of a combination treatment. If a combination treatment is something you’d like to know more about, get in contact with the clinic by emailing us

laser treatment on pigmentation

Laser Treatments
We are one of the leading clinics in the UK for providing laser treatments to patients. A typical laser treatment will aim to reduce and minimise the effects that the melanin producing cells are having under the surface of the skin. Once we can eradicate those cells, the skin will have a much more uniform appearance. You can see from the picture above how much change a laser treatment can have on even the mildest of age spots.

Medical Microdermabrasion
This is a very simple treatment to carry out. We use a hand held device to pass crystals over the desired area. The crystals are medically proven to remove dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin to leave a smoother appearance than previous. Because the melanin is so close to the surface, microdermabrasion can dramatically reduce the appearance of any age spots and eradicate through with a number of treatments.

Non-chemical peels
A perfect treatment for those who have sensitive skin, but still want rid of age spots. Before you ever begin a treatment, we guide you through an insightful consultation to figure out just what your skin type is and which treatments are best used to achieve maximum results. We regularly use non-chemical peels are part of combination treatments in order to leave skin which has had any spots removed with a fantastically smooth appearance.

If you’re like to find out more about non-chemical peels or any of the treatments used to remove age spots, you can request one of our brochures by clicking here.