The Permalip Diary

PermaLip is a procedure that can restore the youthful fullness that we lose naturally through age for patients wanting a more permanent effect then temporary fillers.

The procedure itself, carried out under local anaesthetic, involves a small incision at either side of the lip where the PermaLip implant is threaded through and centred. The implant itself is shaped from soft cohesive gel silicon and being a soft, solid elastomer, the implant follows the shape of the lips.
There is no visible scarring at all from the procedure as there are only the tiny incisions in the corner of the mouth.

Below is a diary kept by Jackie after her procedure and you can follow her progress from the evening after the procedure right up until a week after the procedure. It is an interesting case study that shows how simple a procedure it is and how minimal an impact it has on day to day life.
Before Permalip procedure

Before Permalip Procedure

Evening After

Feb 2

Permalip Lips very Swollen and feel quite painful but apart from that everything good. Ice packs really help!

Day After Procedure

Feb 3

Lips a beautiful colour of black and purple. Still uncomfortable and a little sore but I think this is due to the amount of swelling. But all in all, okay.

2nd day after procedure

Feb 4

Swelling has gone down quite a lot and my lips are beginning to look good. Still tender to touch but no pain. Applying Vaseline at least 6 times a day for the dryness and cream antiseptic on stitches but all in all, looking great.

3rd day after Permalip

Feb 5

Lips look fantastic! Swelling gone down but lips are a little bit tender and dry but amazing seeing as its only 3 days since the operation. Even the bruising is going.

4th day after procedure

Feb 6

Lips look great! The swelling has gone down almost completely. There is only a little bruising left now. My lips tend to feel dry but I’m really pleased.

5th day after procedure

Feb 7

What can I say? My lips look great! There is a little bruising but no pain. I still have the small stitches in so tend to drink with a straw at the moment. I’m still applying cream and Vaseline as directed.

6th day after Permalip

Feb 8

No reason to keep a log now apart from using a straw to drink until the stitches dissolve and applying cream and Vaseline, my lips are fantastic. I have followed the instructions to the letter and have had no problems whatsoever. Really pleased they are great.

Results After Permalip Procedure

Results After Permalip Procedure

One week since procedure

Feb 9

Starting to massage the lips to move the implants around and keep them smooth. I’ve had no problems and will definitely come back to Snowberry Lane Clinic again.