The Rise of Male Cosmetic Surgery

News has come out this week that the number of males getting cosmetic procedures has grown in demand for the highest level in over six years. While in the past it might have been seen as something of an embarrassing point to talk about or even look in to, we are more than used to men contacting the clinic for information on our procedures.

There are three main areas in particular that men are focussing in on that have seen a surge in popularity over the last year; stomachs, ‘moobs’, and eyes. Here are some of the procedures we have to offer at the clinic which can work on those problem areas.


The percentage of men getting liposuction last year rose by 28%, a massive amount for any cosmetic procedure. We have a range of treatments all under the ‘lipo’ umbrella that get rid of stubborn fatty areas in a number of ways including BodyTite, Velashape and Bodyjet (which we’ll mention in a bit). If you’re looking for a non-surgical treatment, try Velashape. It’s virtually pain free and a unique way of improving the appearance of the stomach area. It works by using a combination of infrared and radio energy with vacuum power to heat the sub dermal tissue around the stomach which helps break down fat and encourage collagen to strengthen up, before smoothing out the skin in the most effective way possible. It’s the best procedure for making a big difference in the stomach area without having to worry about side effects.

Bags and wrinkles can age any man more than they’d ever want. Blepharoplasty is the best way to get rid of any excess skin around the eye. By making some very small and precise incisions around the eye during treatment, we can make the skin around the eyes look years younger by making sure the tissue and skin that needs to be front and centre is in place.


Much like the stomach area, any of our fat reduction treatments can work well on any male chest, but Bodyjet is great at tackling the moob. It is a specialised jet assisted fat transfer system that uses penetrative water flow to dislodge fat and remove it instantly. It’s a great alternative to traditional liposuction as there’s reduced swelling, a shorter recovery period and quicker operating time. This makes it perfect for working on a sensitive area like the chest.

If you want to find out more about the procedures we have for men, feel free to contact us or download one of our brochures here.