The ‘Smarter’ alternative to Liposuction

Smart Lipo has always been a popular choice for people looking to shift problem areas of fat without more drastic forms of surgery, let us update you on the latest form of this non-invasive alternative to liposuction – Body Jet.

How does it work?

Body Jet, sometimes known as Laser Lipo, Aqua-Lipo or WAL uses  fluid that is channelled into the fat tissue to help break down the wall of the fat cells and make it easier for the fat to be removed via a thin suction cannula. The fluid used in this process is called infiltration fluid and contains ingredients to minimise pain and bruising.

How is it different to traditional Liposuction?

Body Jet uses a pulsating infiltration fluid spray that gently separates fat cells from other tissue, this means it is easier to remove these loosened cells and therefore less likely to cause trauma than traditional Liposuciton. The procedure does not require general anaesthetic, so it is a day procedure rather than needing an overnight stay.

Advantages of Body Jet include:

  • Minimal damage to surrounding tissue
  • Reduced pain, swelling and bruising
  • Short recovery
  • Less anaesthesia needed
  • Easily performed without general anaesthetic
  • Shorter operating times
  • Smoother results

Take a look at our before and after gallery to see some of our results for yourself.

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