Thread Vein Removal: Removing With Lasers

laser vein treatment

Last week we blogged about laser hair treatments, and keeping in that vein (no pun intended) we thought it would be a good time to blog about thread vein removal too. At Snowberry Lane we have the latest technology available in the UK to treat thread veins and visible veins all over the body that you would like to see removed. Let’s find out a little bit more about it.

A lot of people have thread veins, but most don’t know exactly what they are and why they appear over the body. Thread veins are simply broken down blood vessels or capillaries which can appear as red, blue or purple threads beneath the surface of the skin. The most common areas for these to appear are on the legs, arms, back of the hands and around the upper cheek area. Because they’re just under the skin, they’re perfect for treatment from a laser.

laser vein treatment

The image above is of a patient who had thread veins around the cheek area that was creating a constantly flushed feeling. It was an embarrassing thing for the patient, but as you can see, it was a problem that was rid of with the use of lasers.

So why do we use lasers? Well, as daunting as the word can sound, lasers work tremendously well at tackling problems just below the skin without causing any pain, harm or risks of damage. Lasers have the ability to penetrate under the skin but without the surface area suffering any signs of placement. When we use lasers for thread vein removal, what happens is a laser will be focussed on the area we want to reduce and will cause those collapsed and broken capillaries to collapse i.e. break down, and eventually dissolve away.

Some areas do work better than others for this type of treatment. For example, very visible leg veins react wonderfully to the lasers and it a popular treatment type for those who would love to see their veins go away in the lead up to summer and a sunny holiday abroad.

If you’d like us here at the clinic to get in contact with you about this type or treatment (or any we provide) you can request a callback from Snowberry Lane by clicking here.

And if you’d like to read a little bit more about the treatment, why not take a look at the thread vein removal page.