Top Ten Procedures 2016 – Part 2

Continuing with the review of our most popular procedures at Snowberry Lane Clinic in 2016.

treatments part 2

You can visit the first three of our most popular procedures by clicking here or scroll down to read more about treatments 4-6. All of our treatments and procedures are preceded by a consultation where our specialists ensure you will receive the best treatment for your individual case.

No.4 Body Jet

The Body Jet procedure, which is also known as Aqua-Lipo, is an alternative to traditional liposuction procedures with shorter recovery times.

Body Jet involves our specialists loosening and removing fat by using gentle pulses of fluid. The procedure can be performed without general anaesthetic therefore resulting in less damage to surrounding tissue – meaning pain, bruising and swelling is reduced when compared to traditional methods.

To find out more about Body Jet at Snowberry Lane visit our treatment page here.

No.5 Radio Surgery

Radio Surgery is our most popular treatment for removing skin lesions and moles by using cutting edge technology.

Where traditional methods might result in longer down time and disruption to daily life, Radio Surgery is a much faster procedure with most cases being able to go back to work the same day.

You can read more about Radio Surgery over at our dedicated page by clicking here.

No.6 Med Contour

Another one of our more popular treatments at Snowberry Lane is the Med Contour body treatment; you can read more in the weight loss section here.

The Med Contour Treatment uses ultrasound technology to target particular problem areas and encourage a natural acceleration of the metabolic rate. This non-invasive treatment is another great option available to people looking for weight loss options in the UK with more natural looking results after treatment.

As with all our procedures you will have the opportunity to discuss the treatment with our specialists during a preliminary consultation. This allows our Snowberry Lane experts the opportunity to find out more about your individual case as well as determine what kind of results you can expect from any given treatment.

We will be back soon to round up our review of our most popular procedures as well as the latest news from Snowberry Lane Clinic.