Top Ten Procedures 2016 – Part 3

During this post we will conclude our look at some of the most popular procedures and treatments at Snowberry Lane during 2015 and running into 2016.

treatments part 3

While these are some of our most popular treatments there are still a number of other great procedures that continue to produce excellent results for our clients. If you are unsure of which procedure fits your needs please don’t hesitate to get in touch to request a call back where we can discuss your options.

No.7 Botox

Most commonly used to target lines on the forehead, around the eyes and around the mouth, Botox first appeared as a cosmetic procedure in the late 1980’s and since then has gone from strength to strength.

Botox is an extremely popular treatment at Snowberry Lane Clinic. Surprisingly, ‘Botox Bristol’ receives a very large volume of searches, and at 40-45 minutes away in Wiltshire; we are ideally situated to accommodate anyone looking for more information regarding Botox Treatments.

You can find out all about our Botox treatments by visiting this page here.

No.8 Alevere

Alevere therapy is one of Snowberry Lane’s most popular weight loss treatments that combines treatments with food plans to ensure you see great results and have a better understanding of how the body works to maintain them.

The combination of controlled weight loss along with skin tightening and firming delivers great results. You can read more about Alevere Therapy at Snowberry Lane Clinic by clicking here or you can request a consultation with our experts to discuss the best options for your individual case here.

No.9 Laser Leg/Face Vein

This treatment uses laser technology to target veins on the face and legs that might have affected your confidence in the past.

The technology allows the laser to collapse the veins where they naturally dissolve and are removed from the body. The treatment can also be used by sufferers of rosacea to target problem areas.To see some before and after laser face vein treatment photographs click here.

No.10 Tattoo

Tattoos have never been as popular but with so many people choosing to get tattooed there are bound to be some regrets in later life. With Snowberry Lane’s Laser Tattoo Removal treatment we can work with you to try and erase any black ink tattoos you might not want anymore.

Results vary depending on the size, age, design and colour of inks used so we would discuss this during our consultation prior to any treatments. The process uses the Medlite laser which breaks down the ink into tiny particles which the body filters and disposes of naturally.

If you are interested in finding out a bit more about Laser Tattoo Removal at Snowberry Lane take a look at the video below or click here.

That concludes our round-up but if there is anything you are unsure about please get in touch. Different treatments suit individuals differently which is why we always sit down for a consultation to work out the best course of action for each individual client. You can request a call back to discuss treatments by clicking here.