Top Ten Procedures 2016 Part 1

Over the coming weeks we are going to be looking at Snowberry Lane Clinic’s top ten most popular procedures in 2016. This will be ideal for people hoping to combine a New-Years-inspired healthy lifestyle with the latest treatments to improve certain problem areas.

treatments part 1

Prior to any procedure our team at Snowberry Lane Clinic always undertake a consultation with our clients. This gives us the opportunity to determine the results the client is looking to achieve, establishing which treatment will be most suitable and how effective the treatment is likely to be for that individual. It is also an opportunity for clients to ask any questions they might have, as well as finding out exactly what the treatment involves and the associated costs

No.1 Facetite & Necktite

The first treatments we are going to look at are Facetite & Necktite. The Facetite & Necktite treatments are non-surgical alternatives to conventional facelifts that can result in tighter, younger looking skin.

During the Facetite and Necktite treatments we use cutting edge technology to heat the skin from within the dermis, which activates the upper layers to improve their bonds with the deeper layers helping to give the skin a more youthful tightened appearance. The procedure involves only two small pinpricks made along the jaw line, so it much less invasive than face-lifts carried out using large incisions with a scalpel. This means that downtime is greatly reduced in comparison to a surgical face-lift.

To get an idea of the procedure itself you can see Dr Gabriel demonstrating the treatment in the video below. You can also view our before and after photos by clicking here.

No.2 Dermal Fillers

Another one of our most popular treatments that is growing all the time in popularity is Dermal Fillers that work to smooth out and plump up the skin.

Dermal Fillers are another example of treatments available at Snowberry Lane that can be carried out quickly with minimal disruption to your everyday life.

The treatment not only produces great, quick results but also contains a naturally occurring substance in hyaluronic acid. It allows the skin to attain a fuller texture and also allows it to retain water helping to increase volume.

You can learn more about Dermal Fillers from our very own Dr Gabriel at our dedicated YouTube channel or by watching the video below.

No.3 Fractora

Fractora uses state of the art radio frequency technology to provide our clients with firmer, younger looking skin.

Fractora is ideal for use on scars, wrinkles or discoloured brown and red skin tone. The areas most commonly targeted by Fractora are around the eyes, cheeks, mouth and neck.

The Fractora treatment works by placing the small heated hand-piece against the skin where radiofrequency energy passes through a series of tiny pin pricks in the skin. When the body naturally repairs these holes the result is firmer, tighter skin.

Find out what Snowberry Lane’s Dr Gabriel has to say about the Fractora treatment by watching the video below.

If you would like to find out more about any of the procedures carried out at Snowberry Lane Clinic you can request a call back by entering your details here. Or simply call us at your own convenience on 01225 700072.