Trans(forma)ing The Way Skin Looks

Here at Snowberry Lane we are really proud to be able to offer people a fantastic new treatment which we believe works fantastically. It’s a new way to get rid of lines and wrinkles around the face (and other knobbly parts) without having to go under any knife. It’s called Forma and we want to tell you all about it.

Forma (for the face) and Forma Plus (for everywhere else) that does something pretty cool, or rather warm, to get your skin looking flawless. It’s a non-invasive treatment that won’t hurt or do any damage.

A special Forma pad gently heats the problem areas of your skin up a few degrees to effectively wake up the sub surface tissue. This does the amazing task of promoting collagen growth. And that results in skin tightening to become smoother than ever.

forma heat signal

For those who don’t know, collagen is the stuff that sits under your skin to keep it smooth. It’s like the pillow that your skin rests on. But like any pillow over time, that bit in the middle dips a little and it loses some of its firmness. That is what a Forma treatment tackles. Without causing any damage to your face, it can give you rejuvenated skin in just an hour. We’ve seen hundreds of moisturisers over the years that slap ‘REJUVENATE’ across the label but this does wonders that all those creams combined could never do.

If you haven’t noticed in the photo above, that’s a man getting treated on with some Forma magic. The treatment is a great way of getting skin that has been left dimpled from acne to smooth out. If your man often feels a bit self conscious about how his skin looks then this is the solution he’ll never know he wanted.

knees with skin problems

And what about those other areas we talked about? Well if the skin around your knees or elbows are looking old before their time, then Forma Plus is there to help. It will tackle the differing texture of skin in the area to sort out those tougher bits sitting next to skin that seems to have given up. It’ll be the difference between flaunting your legs and spending a lifetime hiding behind dark tights.

You can find out more about Forma and Forma Plus by clicking here.

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