Treatments for Eye Bags

As we age, some of us can be pre-disposed to sagging skin above or below our eyes. In this week’s blog post we’re going to discuss the specialist treatment called a Blepharoplasty that can help to rejuvenate the eye area by removing this excess skin.

Blepharoplasty Treatment

What is it?

Blepharoplasty is a surgical proceedure to remove excess skin around the eye area. It can help to treat the upper or lower eyelids. However, here at Snowberry Lane Clinic we focus on the upper eyelids with our in house specialist Richard Caesar.

What happens before surgery?

The process begins with an initial consultation to assess suitability for surgery and to go through all of the implications, risks and aftercare. It is also a time for you to ask any questions you may have to help you to decide whether this treatment is suitable for you.

What does the surgery involve?

Upper-lid Belpharoplasty at Snowberry Lane Clinic is performed under local anaesthesia, this numbs the area around the eyes ensuring no pain is felt, although you will be aware of certain movements. Allowing the patient to stay awake during the procedure means that downtime is reduced and they can return home on the same day to recover in comfort.

What happens after surgery?

After surgery the eyes are lubricated and bandaged to minimise discomfort. Post-surgery the patients’ eyelids can feel tight and sore, but this feeling can often be reduced with paracetamol.

We recommend that the patient uses ice to reduce bruising and swelling, and keeps their head elevated. It is difficult to predict how long the bruising may last as each individual is different, but as a guide it will be worst in the first week and will usually subside after 2-4 weeks.

Downtime averages at around 10 days. After this most patients are ready to go out in public and/or back to work. Patients can become more sensitive to sunlight in this period so sunglasses and sunblock are recommended.

If you would like any more information on these treatments then please get in touch with us and we can discuss your situation confidentially.