Tuning in to the Right Frequency

Advancements in technology have greatly helped the cosmetic surgery industry as techniques are improved and perfected.Using the latest state of the art techniques Snowberry Lane Clinic can now offer the safest procedures that produce the best results with minimal down time.

One of the procedures available is Fractora, the most advanced fractional bipolar radio frequency treatment. The Snowberry Lane Clinic treatments page describes the process like this;

“The skin is heated by placing a small handle against the skin. Radiofrequency energy is passed through a series of tiny bipolar pins; this heats the skin and causes tiny pin prick holes that the body naturally repairs.”

This treatment is used to help discoloured areas, wrinkles and scars. Eyelids, cheeks the mouth and necks are areas that are most commonly used for this kind of treatment. It provides non-invasive, anti-ageing rejuvenation, ablation and resurfacing in a quick and safe manner using the latest technologies available at Snowberry Lane Clinic.


The benefits of Fractora are that it can deliver improvements in a range of symptoms from pigment irregularities and blood vessels and redness to fine and deep lines. It can provide improvements to skin that would usually require as many as four procedures promotes faster healing of the treatment tissue.

Following the procedure there may be slight swelling however during your consultation with the specialists that will carry out the procedure you will be taken through all the steps involved in the whole process and you will also have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.

Being able to take advantage of this magnificent technology means that Snowberry Lane can offer the best results possible and people looking for a longer term solution to the problems mentioned earlier will be able to see the benefits.

Stephen Mulholland, M.D., Toronto has this to say on the procedure;

“Not only does the Fractora platform afford me the ability to emulate several different fractional resurfacing lasers in one system, it also has the capacity to add TiteFx for state of the art non-invasive body contouring as well. “

“The combination of Fractora Firm with Fractora Skin Resurfacing provides a complete treatment to address the majority of non-invasive facial concerns.”

If you are interested in the procedure or would like to read a little bit more please click here to go to the Snowberry Lane Clinic treatment page.