Vasectomy: Highlight Men’s Health this Movember

This month is arguably the most time of the year for highlighting the importance of Men’s health. We’re in the middle of Movember and all men are being told to check out their important parts. It is something that shouldn’t be overlooked as it can often be quite a tough subject to breach.

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Here at the clinic we get asked plenty of questions about vasectomies. Admittedly it can something that is quite difficult for many males to discuss, just like anything else below the belt. We thought there would be no better time than now to give you a little information on what a vasectomy is, what it does and how its done. Simple questions like these can do wonders for improving someone’s knowledge of men’s health.

So what is a vasectomy?
Simply put, it is a form of contraception that works by creating a permanent block.

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What does a vasectomy do?
It prevents sperm from becoming a part of male ejaculate and bring the risk of pregnancy down to practically zero.

How is it performed?
Traditional vasectomies are performed by incision. The tubes carrying sperm are either cut or tied while a patient is under local anaesthetic. We perform vasectomies without the need of a scalpel that are classed as non-invasive.

What makes a no scalpel vasectomy different?
It’s a keyhole procedure. Instead of having to make cut open and leave a patient with stitches afterwards, our treatment involves just a small puncture that doesn’t leave any noticeable marks. In a no scalpel vasectomy there isn’t a need for any sutures. And because the treatment is done without any major invasion, patients can recover much quicker than with traditional methods.It also carries a much lower level of any risks or complications. because we don’t do anything to warrant the problems that a traditional vasectomy can create.

Any after-care from a vasectomy?
Apart from maybe a ibuprofen a few hours after, there won’t be any major after-care needed once you’ve had a no scalpel vasectomy. For a traditional vasectomy, expect to have a few cold packs handy and not do much walking for a short time.

Is there anything else important to know?
A vasectomy is a permanent procedure. We always advise patients to full think through the procedure and get as much information as possible when having a consultation.

Find out more about no scalpel vasectomies by downloading a brochure here.

And if you’d like t find out more about male treatments at the clinic, don’t be afraid to get in touch.