Ways To Improve The Lips

Maintaining lips that look and feel full and voluminous can become increasingly difficult as you age. Over time this loss of volume can cause lack of definition around the edge of the lips and Cupid’s bow area, there are many quick fixesthat can be achieved with some clever make-up to mask this, but if you’re looking for a longer term solution we have some treatment options that might interest you.

Here at Snowberry Lane Clinic we often see clients who are looking to achieve a fuller appearance to their lips. We offer a range of treatments depending on eachindividual’s requirements, from shorter term fillers to more permanent lip implants

Short-term lip enhancement:

For minor issues such as wrinkles around the lips and some loss of volume we would look at using Dermal fillers. The filler is injected under the skin surface helping to add volume and create a plumper appearance. It only takes a small amount of filler to make a noticeable difference to the appearance of the lip line. You can compare the before and after of dermal fillers on the lips on the dermal filler page here.

One of the benefits of Dermal Fillers is that the products we use include a light anaesthetic, minimising discomfort during treatment. A further benefit is that fillers are a more temporary treatment  with results lasting up to 6 months.

Permanent lip enhancement:

For people who are looking for long term fullness, we do offer PermaLip implants. These specialist implants are shaped from soft silicon that aims to mimic the shape and feel of a real lip. The implants will be selected to fit each individual so they look as natural as possible. It is also possible to reverse the treatment and change the implants as required.

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