Weight Loss at Snowberry Lane

Weight loss is so much more than just an easy fix treatment, this week on the blog we’re looking at some options that aim to give lasting results.

Thousands of people in the UK use the internet to search for practical solutions for weight loss and healthy lifestyle changes every week. The reality is that what works well for one person might have little to no affect on another. Each individual requires a different solution, tailored to their particular needs and aims to enable successful and sustained weight loss. . We offer a three tier approach to weight loss at Snowberry Lane Clinic. This includes Body Contouring Treatments, Weight Reduction Therapy and Weight Loss Surgery and within each category are further options that enable us to give the most effective treatment for you.

Body Contouring Treatments:

Body contouring treatments stimulate the break down of fat in a natural manner, making it easier for the body to absorb and remove any excess fluid. This type of treatment also helps to activate the collagen beneath the surface of the skin, which when coupled with an increase of blood flow around the concerned areas, helps to give the skin a tighter and smoother appearance.

Weight Reduction Therapy:

Commonly referred to as Alevere Weight Reduction Therapy, this is a medically designed diet and treatment plan that aims to help you safely lose a large amount of weight over a short period of time. The programme also includes weekly body contouring treatments that aim to help reduce sagging skin, which is a common side effect of dramatic weight loss.

Weight Loss Surgery:

Our surgical weight loss options are minimally invasive alternatives to traditional forms of fat reduction, such as liposuction. We have two principle methods of removing fat from stubborn areas, the first Bodytite, uses heat to help breakdown fat cells so that they can then be removed from the body more easily.

The other method of removing unwanted pockets of fat uses a medically designed water based solution. Body Jet (sometimes referred to as Aqua liposuction) removes fat in a much less abrasive fashion than traditional liposuction. It helps to loosen the fat cells from the surrounding areas, which makes it easier to remove.


If you do feel that you would like Snowberry Lane Clinic to assist you on your weight loss journey, something to consider is an appointment with our Psychotherapist. Weight loss is a lot more complicated than just the physical reduction in fat, especially when it is involves a lifestyle change that needs to be maintained long term. Our Psychotherapist is available to help at any point along your journey and is a valuable resource to utilise to help your treatment to be as effective as possible.

If you’d like to know more about the weight loss options we provide here at Snowberry Lane, please get in touch with us by calling 01225 700072. You can also e-mail us at enquiries@snowberrylane.co.uk