Weight Loss on YouTube: Watch What Happens At Snowberry Lane

We really value the importance of being able to show our patients how we perform some of our core treatments; it is a fantastic way to visually explain what can be expected and to answer any questions you might have about treatments. Luckily with our YouTube channel, we are able to share with you some of the amazing work we carry out each and every day at Snowberry Lane Clinic. As this month on the blog we have been talking about the various weight loss options we provide, we wanted to showcase some of the videos discussing treatments in this area.

The first video we are going to look at illustrates the Smartlipo procedure. This is a treatment we at Snowberry Lane pioneered in the UK. If you are someone who has stubborn areas of fat which are very difficult to shift through diet and exercise, this is a treatment you might be interested in as it can make a real difference in these areas in ways traditional treatments can’t.

As you can hear Dr. Gabriel discuss in this short clip, he was the first to carry out the treatment in the country and is the leading expert in the UK for this type of treatment. Many other doctors who use this treatment have been taught by Dr. Gabriel at the clinic. You can hear an explanation of how the treatment works, where in the body it reaps benefits and what you can expect with Smartlipo. Many who have viewed the video are often surprised to find that the treatment helps to stimulate the growth of collagen, which promotes tightening of the skin.

The second video we are going to take a look at is a computer animation of the Bodytite procedure. This is a very popular treatment at the clinic and this video is a fantastic way of showing exactly how it works. You can see the way in which fat under the skin sits and how it is held together. Bodytite works hard to break down these stubborn bonds and helps to promote the cells that should be working together back into motion.

Notice too how during a Bodytite treatment it has a duplicitous function of removing fat while also tightening the skin from beneath the surface. This function helps to give a nice level of definition to treated areas, which you can see in some of our case study photos here.

Don’t forget, if you’d like to see videos of all the popular cosmetic treatments we provide here at Snowberry Lane, you can take a look at our YouTube channel by clicking here.

And if you’re interested in finding out more about Smartlipo, Bodyjet or any of the weight loss treatment we use at the clinic please feel free to get in touch for a consultation by clicking here.