Winter Skin Tips

winter skin tips

In between rushing around town for presents and making sure everything is set for Christmas, it can be almost too easy to overlook the day to day regime of any skincare routine. Fear not though! We have a few tips to make sure you don’t spend all of December with chapped lips and cracked elbows.

winter skin tips

Here are some ways you can improve the appearance of your skin through winter:

Thicker Moisturiser
Skin around the joints, elbows ans on the hand is having to fend off a bit more at this time of year. Cracked elbows shouldn’t be a problem if you go and buy a thicker moisturiser. You might be put off the idea as they can be slightly more oily than you’re used to, but if you;re going to be using it on skin that is starting to crack a little bit, we’d highly recommend it.

Colder Showers
After running about all day and being outside, you’d be prone to jump in to a long and very hot shower to wake your skin up again. The sudden change in temperature though can have a stripping effect, drawing moisture from the skin rather than keeping it locked in. We’d suggest that if you are going on for a long shower to heat up, fiddle about with the gauge a little bit and keep it lukewarm.

Get some very soft tissues
Reassessing your tissue situation might be one of the more ridiculous ideas you’ll read but having a packet of softer tissues as the ready can help avoid the dreaded ruby red nose you can from sniffling out in the cold.

Get cheap sports socks for bed
If you’re a girl who needs to have her feet looking good in heels for the staff night out, or a guy who like to keep his toes in tip top condition after exercising out in the cold, this is the time of year you buy extra thick sports socks to wear exclusively in bed. Why would do this? Well, firstly you’ll be applying that thicker moisturiser we mentioned earlier on your feet before you go to sleep. Thicker soaks help keep the hear in, and the moisturiser will keep the skin soft.

Book A Skin Peel
The ultimate way to make sure you have the most refreshed skin over the Christmas period. We have a range of different skin peels that can do everything from rejuvenate tired skin (especially under the eyes) to reduce the appearance of acne scars. Take a look at our skin peel treatments here.

Brush Your Lips
Lip balm usage reaches the highest levels at this time of year. As well as using balm on your lips, you can also give your lips a little bit of soft exfoliation when you’re brushing your teeth. Sounds quite silly but do it every night before bed and you’ll notice a great improvement in your lips after just a few days.

If you want to find out more about the skin treatments we carry out in the clinic, feel free to get in touch via our request a callback page.

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