Your Top 5 Tattoo Removal Questions Answered

Tattoo Removal is one of the most popular procedures available at Snowberry Lane Clinic, with many people seeking to remove black ink tattoos that they now no longer want. Tattoo removal works by using laser technology, that delivers short pulses of laser light energy to the tattooed area. The dark pigment in the ink absorbs this energy and is destabilising and breaking it down.

  1. How many treatments are needed?
    The removal of a tattoo is a big commitment, it takes multiple treatments over a long period of time and the number of treatments needed depends on the size and age of the tattoo as well as the individual’s skin type. On average around 10 treatments are needed. Each treatment must be 2 months apart in order to let the skin heal itself properly, so as you can see it takes years to fully remove a tattoo.
  • Does it hurt?
    The short answer – yes. We try to minimise discomfort with topical anaesthetic cream, but much like getting a tattoo, it is not a pain free process. People liken this treatment to the sensation of a rubber band being flicked against the skin.
  • What happens after the treatment?

After the procedure a dressing will be applied to treated area which can stay in place for up to 24 hours. There will be some whitening to the skin and in some cases some redness, swelling and very light bleeding.

  • What are the results?
    After a full course of treatments, you can expect for the tattoo ink to be completely removed, leaving next to no trace of the tattoo. In some cases, if the full course is not completed, very slight ghosting can occur, giving the very faint appearance of the old tattoo, but for some clients the tattoo is still reduced enough to cover up or be unnoticeable.
  • Why should I choose Snowberry Lane?
    Snowberry Lane has been carrying out this treatment for 16 years, making it one of the most experienced clinics in the UK. Our expert team carry out this procedure on a daily, basis so can use this wealth of experience to help give you the best results.

Since every tattoo is different, a face-to-face consultation is the best way to find out how we can help you. If you would like to make a consultation, or to learn more about this service, please contact us on 01225 700072 or e-mail us at