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Facial acne is a common and unpleasant problem that affects many people and can be difficult to treat by using traditional medicine. The problems can cause scarring and be painful for the sufferer who may suffer a loss of confidence because of it, especially as it is common among younger generations who may not have the experience to deal with this.

Finding a way to safely deal with the issue and minimise the danger of scarring is important to the sufferer and can result in an all-round better standard of living.

At Snowberry Lane Clinic we believe we can offer that relief by using state of the art technologies in a way that suits each individual case and can bring about the best results available on the market for body acne.  In order to decide which treatments would best suit any given condition Snowberry Lane Clinic offer a consultation. During this consultation with one of our expert specialists we can decide which method or methods of treatment will most effective and it is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions about the treatments or procedures on offer from Snowberry Lane Clinic.


There are several facial acne treatments available at Snowberry Lane Clinic and they can be extremely effective on their own or used in combination depending on the specific case.

Of the many possible acne treatments used some of the more well known are Cosmetic Laser Surgery, Medical Microdermabrasion, non-chemical peels, Fractora, Obagi, and Jan Marini Glycolic Peel. These treatments all have different aspects making our ability to deal with active facial acne problems, as well as acne scarring, far more manageable and create the highest quality results with longevity.

By making use of these state of the art techniques you can combat your acne problem and in turn create a better standard of living without the pain, embarrassment or uncomfortable feeling of suffering from facial acne. It is also a real confidence booster and can help self-conscious people come out of their shells and achieve what they are capable of in life.

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* Disclaimer: All treatments are designed by medical experts and tailored to the individual to give the best possible results, however, results of all treatments may vary from person to person depending on the individual's unique attributes.