Excessive Sweating & Hyperhidrosis


At Snowberry Lane Clinic we have treatments that can help you with any excess sweating problems that you may have.  Excessive sweating can be an embarrassing ailment for the sufferer when there is no effective way to deal with the sweating. It can be an expensive and laborious process having to source effective, strong deodorants and carry out regular body washes.

Excess sweating treatments are available at Snowberry Lane Clinic creating hope for sufferers of this issue. Excessive Sweating or hyperhidrosis can be targeted with long term solutions involving the latest high tech methods.

Excessive Sweating


One of the treatments used to combat excessive underarm sweating involves the use of Botox. Although traditionally recognised as a beauty treatment that combats wrinkles, by injecting Botox into the arm pit it significantly reduces fluid levels created by the sweat glands. More severe cases can be treated using SmartLipo.

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Sweating Treatments