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Lip Conditions

The lips are a distinguished part of the face and sores or rashes on them can affect the health, well-being and confidence of a person. There are various conditions that can affect the lips which can include the common wart, cold sores, chapped lips, all the way to the more extreme Lichen Planus that causes erosion of the lips.  Lip problems can occur for various reasons including bad diet, lack of sleep, cold and dry weather and extreme sun exposure. Other lip conditions can arise due to fungal or bacterial infections. Snowberry Lane Clinic has various methods to treat the aforementioned and other lip problems.

We offer Dermal Fillers that help lips have a smooth fuller look using Juverderm and Restylane, these will give you a new look and enhance your lips.

You can consult with our experts and decide on the best course of action, Botox being another popular procedure available at Snowberry Lane Clinic. We would also highly suggest you read about Fractora treatments which work wonders on lips.

You will be able to ask any questions that you may have about the procedures and aftercare.

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