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Moles and lumps can occur anywhere on the body or face. Over time some may get darker, bigger and more prominent. Whenever someone has a lump on their face that is affecting their confidence and mood, they’ll often seek help from a professional for removal.

At Snowberry Lane, we have been helping people deal with successfully removing lumps and moles for years now. We provide innovative techniques that aim for clean removal, i.e. one where treatment is minimally invasive and doesn’t leave any prominent lines or marks.

To help know how we treat this specific area, it helps to know why we get lumps and moles.

What exactly are facial lumps?

There are two areas a lump can generally be defined as; a cyst or lipoma. Cysts are usually what you’ll get on the face. They can look like a spot at the start and be filled with liquid or tissue. When they’re soft to touch, you’d probably be looking at an epidermoid cyst which is extremely common. When they have a harder feeling or are larger, you may have a lipoma.

What causes facial lumps?

Many things can cause a facial lump, and there’s no real prevention to guarantee someone will never have a lump.

Common causes for facial lumps include:

• Allergies

• Acne (at an earlier age)

• Mumps (at an earlier age)

• Cysts

• Swollen glands 

Facial lump treatments at Snowberry Lane

When dealing with a facial lump, it is important to get a full assessment so you know what the cause could be and what viable treatment options there are.

The treatments we provide are safe and effective with minimal risk. Raised lesions are dealt with by radiosurgery under local anaesthetic. They usually require no cut or stitches and have a quicker healing and recovery time.

What exactly are moles? 

Look at your hand. When your hand needs new skin cells, it makes them, and they spread out to cover that skin. Sometimes your body can’t easily spread those cells, and they’ll clump together. That is a mole.

What causes facial moles? 

When cells cluster under the skin, they’ll come through as moles on your face. Moles will usually have the same skin tone to start, and when exposed to the sun may darken. That’s why it’s easy for a mole on the face to have a slightly different tone.

Are facial moles harmful? 

No. Facial moles are usually benign and won’t cause any harm. If you notice a mole on your face changing tone or growing quickly, we do recommend visiting your GP to have it assessed.


Mole treatment at Snowberry Lane

It is great to know that there is a simple way of removing these lesions using the latest technology in cosmetic radiosurgery. At Snowberry Lane Clinic, our experts are proud of the results we achieve.

The treatments are safe and effective with minimal risk. Flat pigmented lesions, age spots or sun spots can often be treated simply with laser so that you can look forward to quick and very effective results thanks to our mole removal treatments.

Expert Advice at Snowberry Lane

We help make the removal of moles and facial lumps easy to understand.

We would recommend that after you’ve read about the treatment options on our site, contact the clinic and arrange a consultation when best suits.

We can provide advice on what is best for your skin, whether removal option is best for your circumstance and what the treatment process will include.

See the results for yourself!

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